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by Petya14

"Rainbow dash icon" featuring the probably well known character of the "My Little Pony" series, is a classical semi-animated icon with a transparent background to use primarily as an usericon on deviantart. the character can be easily recognized and is represented well in his features and temperamen...

Most of the images I see about improving or way of life to accommodate to nature more need drastic scenes to have any impact or confront us with how much we are doing wrong. However, this photo "Strawberry fields" by *awesome43 shows us gently that we can get around some of our farming problems with...

If you want to get a critique, feel free to ask me with a link to your deviation!
But remember I will not only point out the good things but also some things to improve on, if I find them. ;)

Browser scripts and extensions

Try my free userscripts to improve your dA-Feeling!


Dev_Note_Search2 by Dediggefedde
Search within your Notes within seconds.
Supports Firefox, Chrome and Opera!
Installation is 3 clicks ahead!


Amall by Dediggefedde
Give back Llamas with on click out of your message-center!
Llamas are awsome! give them as a thank-you for received badges or favourites!

My Script-Gallery

da_Clean_Corrs by Dediggefedde
 dev_broken_thumbs by Dediggefedde
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 Deviantart Activity Filter by Dediggefedde


Gallery CSS, PDF Viewer, DIFI wiki, Userscripts

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 21, 2015, 5:24 PM

Table of content (clicking the titles will skip to the topic):
dA Gallery CSS change
PDFs are shown differently
CSS Gallery Fonts
DIFI wiki on github
Recent Userscript Updates
Upcoming Userscript Updates


As some of you may have seen, I posted some activities that actually contained useful information for some...
However, after talking to some people and trying it out, I guess "activities" are pretty pointless...
That's why I decided to make a post about some things I talked some time ago.

dA Gallery CSS change

I noticed the h2 tags changed to h1 tags for the header. This may break some of your Gallery CSS...

PDFs are shown differently

See the difference between those two pdf files?
  Advocate chapter 1 by DediggefeddeAdvocate chapter 2 by Dediggefedde
Only the first one got an embed pdf viewer, the second one has the "download" option.
This is not intentionally. dA offers the embed PDF viewer only for PDFs under 20MB.

CSS Gallery Fonts

I noticed that webfonts (e.g. google) aren't really working in Gallery-CSS.
You can use them fine in Journal-CSS but in Gallery-CSS they get replaced by a standard-font.
So, currently only installed fonts get displayed properly, which limits the font-choice of a design to somewhat these fonts:…

DIFI wiki on github

There is a wiki related to dA's DIFI available on Github:…
I'm a co-writer there and it still get maintained and extended.
Something I added recently are a lot of javascript related examples.
Using this, you can make userscripts or web applications that can directly do a lot of user actions like reading out the message center, hiding comments or giving Llamas.
Of course nothing can get more rights than the user itself, but you can automate things using this.

Recent Userscript Updates

Upcoming Userscript Updates

  • dA_Ignore will get an option to automatically activate "hide" for all comments of blocked users.
  • Dev_Note_Search2 will get a conversation option so you get a chronological list of all notes you received and sent to one user.
  • A script for Andorada is planned to help with her tandem-features. Those are feature-journals created published by multiple people. The script should make it simpler to use&install a skin and provide a certain template while it will also be easier to repost a tandem by someone else (e.g. because you like it).

dev_broken_thumbs by Dediggefedde


It removes all deleted or stored thumbnails/stamps from your custom-boxes!
Also works with Journals now, when editing an existing Journal.

1LoveDrew asked me whether I could think of a way to do this. It was a nice idea and kind of easy to work out, so I needed only 1-2 days. However, if you find any bugs, please report/comment!

This is a working script! Install it if you want this!


Whenever you click on "Edit this Widget" on your profile-page or on the profile-management-page and your box is containing corrupted thumbnails, a popup like the shown above will open.
Select the kind of thumb you want to remove and click "remove" to tidy up your custom-box! Click "cancel" or the little "x" on the top-right to not remove broken thumbs.
Now just click "save" to have a cleaned custom-box!

I recommend to copy your source-code before you remove broken thumbs, so when there is a bug, you won't loose wanted thumbnails!


Will work with:
  • Firefox & Greasmonkey-addon
  • Chrome/Chromium (Tampermonkey recommended, but should work native, too!)
  • Opera & Violent Monkey
How to install Userscripts within your Browser:…

(Will maybe run in Safari and obviously not in IE!)

Update v1.01:

Andorada mentioned she would like to use it within journals as well, so I made an Update.


To all that wrote Gallery-CSS in the past: dA seem to have changed the title-container from h2 to h1. Some of your CSS might need to get updated.
OK, so I noticed some people create an account just to watch me... I'm always interested in what kind of people watch me, so I checked a watcher's profile that had exactly 1 Pageviews and no other actions in his log than watching me... So, to you guys reading this: is this a common thing happening to you?
I made a support-request regarding dA's PDF-viewer:
no viewer: Advocate chapter 2 by Dediggefedde
with viewer: Advocate chapter 1 by Dediggefedde
So, the answer is: only PDFs under 20MB are shown inside the linline-viewer.
Advocate chapter 2 by Dediggefedde
Advocate chapter 2
Previous: chapter 1
First: Prolouge

In the island of Primordia, an insomniac cop living in the luxurious "Upper City" is deployed to the "Middle," the main area of the working class. There he soon learns of his ulterior role...

This is a PDF made from a quest lead by :iconfiidchell: on, public and free to read.

The story and images were made by the amazing Fidchell. A discussion-Thread can be accessed here:…

Background-Information and following quests:

I merely wrote a userscript to generate a LaTeX Code for the quest, which I refined and compiled to this PDF file.
DIFI updated... I took some time to update the GITHUB DIFI today. For all that are interested how to use Difi with javascript/userscripts this link might be interesting:…
AutoSaveDiv by Dediggefedde

This is a working, installable script!


Mirror 1:…
Mirror 2:…


Ever wrote a big text and suddenly you left the site/browser crashed/pc exploded?
I tend to write long comments. Looking up information, quoting sites with giving sources etc.
I hate when this happens.

This script puts a little blue corner into any large text-inputfield (textarea and div.contenteditable). If you click it, it will turn red and record all text you type there.
Rightclick will restore the text, even if you left the site.
Hovering will show the stored text's source code.
Using the GM-Menu you can clean your text-storage.

Originally This was why I used Lazarus and History Form Control as Firefox-Addons.
However, those doesn't work for me when using div.contenteditable forms, as dA and a lot of other Forum-software does (e.g. woltlab, wordpress).


Supported Browsers:
  • Chrome + Tampermonkey
  • Opera + ViolentMonkey
  • Firefox + Greasemonkey
How to install userscripts: Using GM-scripts with other Browser

The script identifies a input-box using"::"+document.activeElement.tagName+"_"+document.activeElement.className+"_";
which is the host::tag_classes_id, e.g.

Displayed in the Preview's bottom you can see another's script effect: dA_Channel_Footer will add a footer, e.g. DDs at the bottom of the page.
Change Deviantart Logo - UserStyle / CSS by Dediggefedde
Change Deviantart Logo - UserStyle / CSS
I found a very neat logo which is a combination of the old and the new dA-Logo by aNIGHTLYpony  here:
DAhybridIcon by aNIGHTLYpony (<- this is a link to the deviation)

So as I've been asked about replacing the logo a few times already and only found an addon doing that some days ago, here is some free CSS to make a userstyle:

  #deviantart-logo .type:before{display:inline-block;width:30px;height:30px;background-image:url('');background-size:cover;content:"";}
  #deviantart-logo .mark{display:none}

Or, if you want something quick, the userstyle for Stylish (Firefox-Addon):…

If you would like to have a different icon, just replace the url within the CSS with your image-url.
Using stylish, you can right-click on the installed style and choose "edit" which also lets you edit the CSS on your own.
Frozen Gallery CSS by Dediggefedde
Frozen Gallery CSS
This is the Gallery CSS designed by Nameda and coded by me.

It is made for  CalendarProject 2014

Get the matching Journal Skin here:
Frozen Journal skin CSS by Nameda

The Header-Picture for the gallery can be found here: Frozen-snow Gallery by Nameda

Download this .zip-file and copy&past the textfile's content into the CSS section of your custom gallery folders. 

stock used:
Elsa Portrait - Stock
Icicles Brushes
Snowflakes Custom Shapes
everything else by Nameda
I noticed that webfonts aren't really working in Gallery-CSS.
I can use them fine in Journal-CSS but in Gallery-CSS they get replaced by a standard-font.

So, currently only installed fonts get displayed properly, which limits the font-choice of a Designe to somewhat these fonts:…

Is there a way to use webfonts within Gallery-CSS or a bigger list of supported fonts for dA?

I could just use some font I like, but it needs to be installed on the pc that is visiting the page, too. ^^ That's why webfonts are so great in my opinion... they load from e.g. google when needed...
Jubedi by Dediggefedde
Polished screenshot from guild wars 2.

My main character is of course asura engineer. ^^
Usually I take Grenades, Bombs and Toolkit or elixirgun.

GW2 is a really nice game with a lot of rpg-elements like "living story" and PvE content, but also PvP and WvW.
WvW (World vs World) is actually also PvP, but forming a team with your entire server, gaining points by holding-flag games. (On Dzagonur WvW usually looks like this, though: ^^)

GuidlWars2® & Asura-design etc. @ ArenaNet®
dA_Channel_Footer by Dediggefedde

THis is a working, installable script!


Adds a new footer below every dA-Page with a dA-channel of your choice.
To see your current channels, add new ones or change existing, go to
Per Default, channel 4, usually DDs, will get displayed.
To change the displayed channel, click on the text "Channel 4" and insert the number you like.



Supported Browsers:
  • Chrome + Tampermonkey
  • Opera + ViolentMonkey
  • Firefox + Greasemonkey
How to install userscripts: Using GM-scripts with other Browser

SOme fun facts

  • There was a DD-Footer some months ago, but dA removed it
  • Currently it's discussed whether we would want something innovative like e.g. a DD-Footer: Site Update: Activity Widget, Search Additions
  • ScrollPx=startPx + (1.1*ArcTan[(time - totaltime/2)/(totaltime/10)]/(0.78* Pi /2) + 1)*(stopPx - startPx)/2
    Is the function I use to make the slider slide smoothly...
  • Math.sign(x) is only supported by Firefox. " ( x > 0 ) ? 1: ( x == 0 ) ? 0 : - 1 " is a workaround.
I think the channel-footer script is finished... got a bit delayed now and again, but it's doing what it was supposed to do now^^…
I will make a submission about it when I have some time for an image and description.
In case you didn't get my last status-update: This adds a slider beneath every Deviantart-page where you can e.g. have DDs or anything you set it to display from your channel-overview. The slide-animation was fun as I used a ArcTan function to give it an dynamic look.^^
You can switch it off if you like, though.^^
Someone said he missed the footer with Daily Deviations, so I brought it back. Still alpha-phase, so no options and such... It get's the displayed channel from your channels-page:
Currently I set it to use the 4th channel, but if you change line 41 (...[4]), you can already change this... Also added some scrolling to the footer.
If you want to take a look at it, here is the link.^^…
I'm curious as anyone would be interested in a userscript-tutorial.

Are you using userscripts? Would you like to be able to write one yourself?

As you may know technically, userscripts are small javascript-files that can get injected into websites by your browser (chrome, firefox, opera, safari).

Practically they are used to change the site's design or functionality.
E.g. for Deviantart:
  • filter your inbox-deviations into groups
  • search within your notes
  • give a llama back for all incoming llamas/favourites
  • Get additional links to your header
  • better chat formatting
  • load a bigger thumb when hovering over a small one
  • ...

To make a userscript, you just need a text-editor of choice. They are open source and thus usually free to use.

What is needed is knowledge and exercise and here I thought a tutorial would be nice. Especially using dA's database-api DiFi is usually hard to learn, although sites like… make it easier.

So, are you using userscripts? Would you like to be able to write one yourself?
Are you interested in reading a tutorial for basic things regarding userscripts?

I have now writing access to the Danopia's DiFi-Documentation:
Journal: DIFI Documentation

DIFI Documentation

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 30, 2014, 10:48 AM

I'm now maintaining danopia's DiFi Documentation as he stated he isn't maintaining it himself anymore.
I often used this Wiki in the past when developing and in need of deviantart-database-entries.

In the past, I found some smaller mistakes and some missing information, so now that I have write-permissions I will try to gradually change some minor things and make additional javascript-examples.

In case any of you use it and notice mistakes or know additional information, feel free to send me a Note here (or make a fork & pull request on github, if you want and know how to do that^^)

Here is the link to the DiFi Documentation:…

Btw: where did the Journal-Skin-Change-Button vanish to? ^^dev_broken_thumbs by Dediggefedde:thumb310139685::thumb310139685:

Rathaus by Dediggefedde
My first print of my first etching plate.^^

Well, I went to a course to learn etching...

We used a small iron plate (which I polished thoroughly for an hour).
The lines are done using a cold needle: the plate gets covered with lacquer, lines get scratched into the lacquer and then it gets bathed into acid for a few minutes (our concentration makes 8min ~ black)
After that the lacquer is removed and parts that should stay white get covered. Then it gets bathed again for 15-30 seconds for light grey... this gets repeated for every colour you want to use, in this case 5 colours...
In this case, the sky also got covered from the beginning and after the house was done, I got all lacquer off and covered the house. Moving the plate slowly into the acid got me this gradient.

To get a print out of a plate, we use bottle-corks and gaze to bring the paint on the plate. It gets printed on a thick and wet paper using a press.
This way you can get up to 50 prints without loosing quality.

As you can see there are some smaller mistakes but overall I'm quite happy with my first result.^^
Took 4 lessons, each 2 hours.
Da_Top_Menu_Links by Dediggefedde
This userscript adds links to the top-menu.
In this example, a link to my gallery and to my favourites is inserted.
ALso one to to demonstrate that external links also work.

To add your own links, install this script, go to settings -> browsing -> (scroll down to) Top Links and edit the list.
After that click "Save" to get your custom top-menu-links.

Special commands:

  • Type "<hr>" in the title-field to get a horizontal devider.
  • at the end of the icon-list there is now an "empty" icon.


What is supported?
  • Firefox + Greasemonkey
  • Chrome + Tampermonkey
  • Opera + Violentmonkey

How to install userscripts

Install this!



My latest activities on dA

dA_Ignore released! A new userscript! a blacklist comes to dA: add people to your blacklist to hide/delete all comments, deviations and replies automatically!
tgchan_BLICK released on deviantart. The very popular userscript for was now released here! It also includes an export-feature to get .pdf from quests on tgchan. As a test/demonstration, you get "Advocate" prologue and ch1! Ch2 is currently running, ch3 is planned.
Profile got restyled. Apparently noone cares about, so this widget got thrown out. Also new Backgrounds.
Application published: win8_TileColor. Some easy clicks and your win8-tile got the color you want.
Gallery&Journal skin ladybug published. I joined ginkgografix and collaborated with Nameda to create this nice and free skin!
Flash Slideshow ressource published. Just insert image-links and get a 90KB flash slideshow which loads them dynamically. I allowed myself to charge 50pts for source-download.
CSS Snippet: Round thumbs with hover text. Trisste-stocks sent me a Note asking how a recent notice-journal was styled. As I felt challenged I made a little tutorial how to have round thumbs with hover-text onto them within journal-skins.

Cssreqopen by DediggefeddeCritreqopen by Dediggefedde


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